Sozo Team

Meet our SUPER COOL Team!


Yoko Hisatomi Lane

Director & Founder of Sozo Hair Design

Sozo is her baby, hairstyling is her life and creativity is what flows in her veins. Sozo’s top director Yoko is a Japanese hair artist with a rare and genuine sense of fashion. Having graduated from one of Tokyo’s best hairdressing schools, a city famous for its cutting-edge style, she decided to broaden her creative horizon and to master her craft in trend-setting salons in Sydney and Hong-Kong. After several years at Toni and Guy where her skills gained her exposure in magazines and fashion shows, Yoko opened her own salon Sozo Hair Design in January 2013. If high quality fashion from one of the top Japanese stylists in town is what you are looking for, Yoko is the director you will come back to.

Doan Giang Fayet

Managing Director

I chose to come to Hong Kong to deliver my unique Parisian style and technique to the Hong Kong beauty industry. I have more than seven years’ experience in famous, luxury salons in Paris, and have honed my technique for Asian style through a one year stint in Beijing and two years at Emmanuel F in Hong Kong. I studied hair dressing for four years in Paris and received accreditation from two renowned French hair dressing schools. My experience, motivation and language skills (English, French, Mandarin and Vietnamese) give me confidence to satisfy my clients and deliver the latest styles in Hong Kong. I am very excited to share my experience and passion with SOZO.

Michiko Suzuki


Michiko is the other Japanese talented stylist at Sozo Hair Design. Beauty and elegance are the words that come to mind to describe her craftship. During her 15 years of experience in Japan as hair salon manager and stylist instructor, Michiko has emphasized technique as a way to reach classic perfection. In 2013 Michiko moved to Hong Kong to embark on a new styling adventure while keeping her original influences. Her Japanese perms will be for you the perfect showcase of her impeccable skills.

Billy Lee

Senior Stylist

Sozo’s latest joiner Billy is yet another case of combination of experience and talent. Billy graduated from Toni & Guy in London where he was awarded with an internationally recognized qualification. As a senior stylist he has been working for over 13 years in renowned Hong Kong’s premier salons such as Peninsula Hotel, Il Colpo Group and The Firm. His creativity, confidence and perfect hair-cutting technique have already gained Billy an ever growing clientele. But even more remarkably his outstanding colouring and highlights skills are making him one of the hot hairdressers in Hong Kong.

Atsushi Matsuoka (Ash)

Senior Stylist

Atsushi worked in Tokyo in the bustling and vibrant young district of Shinjuku for 10 years before embarking on his Hong Kong adventure in 2012. Atsushi worked at a top Japanese hair salon in Hong Kong delivering edgy Tokyo styles to the local and expat communities. Atsushi speaks conversational Cantonese and can do comprehensive consultations which has made him super popular with local Hong Kongers. Atsushi is a highly technically proficient and exacting hair stylist whose skill has been recognised thriugh awards in cutting and hair-up competitions. Atsushi will help you work out the most suitable hair cut for you based on your skin tone/ face shape leaving you looking great when leaving the salon.

Erin Wong

Senior Stylist

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Erin Wong attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London for nearly three years before returning to Hong Kong to deliver her edgy London styles.

With over 8 years experience in the beauty industry, Erin has spent her time honing her skills in precision cuts, corrective colour, highlights and, in particular, short style for women. Erin lives her job and in her spare time has done work for the local magazine, Zip, as well as many fashion shows.

Erin believes client consultation is paramount to achieving complete satisfaction and prides herself on making her clients feel renewed and refreshed after every salon visit. She focuses on every detail to create a polished, fresh look for her clients.

Joe Matsuba

(Joining in November!)

Senior Stylist

Joe hails from Hokkaido, Japan and previously worked at one of Tokyo’s most popular salons located in the heart of Harajuku. Joe is a highly innovative stylist who specializes in colour/bleaching, one of the most challenging techniques for hairstylists.

Joe honed his colouring technique in Tokyo salons famed for edgy colourful styles and nuanced colours and tones. Joe is equally comfortable doing full head bleach on colour as he is doing balayage/highlights. Joe creates beautiful ash hues absent the unwanted red tones and can perm to create a natural look either by digital perm or cold perm depending on your hair type.

Joe continues to seek to innovate and deliver customers with latest styles. Immediately prior to his move to Hong Kong, Joe managed a Japanese hair salon in Jakarta, Indonesia. There, Joe introduced a very popular face-slimming cutting technique based on patented technology from a famous Japanese hairdresser. A highly popular hair stylist that strives to have his customers leave the salon happy and confident.

In his spare time, Joe is a huge otaku (Japanese for nerd) for games and anime, and will talk to you for hours about unique Japan culture if you ask him!


Mariko Sato

Eyelash Designer

Mariko is Sozo’s Japanese eyelash specialist and offers the latest Japanese styles utilising high quality extension products sourced from Japan. Mariko hails from Tokyo but has lived in Hong Kong since 2007 and has a long-standing association with the fashion and beauty industry having previously worked for a prominent Japanese women’s fashion brand. Most importantly, Mariko shares the Sozo team’s passion for delivering high quality beauty services that make our clients happy. She is focused on providing a tailored customer experience to deliver bespoke eyelash extensions that meet customer preferences for volume and curl. Certified under Japan Lash Association and with an excellent attention to detail, Mariko will deliver the look you seek in a safe and conscientious manner. |